Custom Built Angled Frameless Shower Screen

Job Location: Croyden
Surrounding Suburbs: Burwood, Ashfield, Concord, Strathfield, Homebush
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The Perfect Fit!

Located in Sydney’s Inner West, our team were involved in some of the finer finishing details of this bathroom renovation at a property in Croyden, setting a benchmark of luxury and bespoke design, thanks to the expertise of Casse Glass. This particular project was a standout, involving the custom design, build, and installation of an angled frameless shower screen, tailor-made for the unique dimensions and style of the space, finished off stylishly with gold plated fittings and fixtures for a touch of elegance.

The challenge was to create a custom shower screen that not only maximized the space in the bathroom but also complemented its contemporary aesthetics. Using only the best, high quality materials, including clear toughened glass, the team at Casse Glass meticulously constructed a shower screen that is not just a functional element of the bathroom but a centerpiece of design excellence. The frameless structure offers a sleek, modern look, while the angled design ensures a perfect fit in the uniquely shaped bathroom.

Every aspect of the screen, from the precise angles to the flawless finish, reflects the team’s dedication to quality and attention to detail. The installation process was carried out with utmost care, ensuring a seamless integration into the existing bathroom structure.

The team at Casse Glass are commited to providing custom glass solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior. Homeowners seeking to elevate their living spaces with such bespoke glasswork will find a reliable and innovative partner in Casse Glass.

If you’re inspired by this transformation and are wishing to explore similar possibilities for your next bathroom renovation in the greater Sydney area, we encourage you to get in touch so we can help find a solution for your unique needs.